2023 Li Auto L9 Price, Specs, Features and more
2023 Li Auto L9 Price, Specs, Features and more

2023 Li Auto L9 Price, Specs, Features and more

November 8, 2023

1. 2023 Li Auto L9 Pirce

There are 2 models of 2023 Li Auto L9:

  1. Li Auto L9 Pro: $59,099
  2. Li Auto L9 Max: $63,224

2. Specification of 2023 Li Auto L9

  • The 2023 Li Auto L9 is an extended-range large luxury SUV featuring a spacious 2+2+2 six-seat layout.
  • It has dual motors producing 449 horsepower and 620 N·m of torque, generating 330 kW of power.
  • The L9 provides an exceptional combined range of 1315 km (817 miles) on the WLTC cycle. The pure electric range reaches 180 km.
  • Utilizing fast charging, the battery can charge from 20-80% in just 0.5 hours. A full charge takes 6.5 hours.
  • With dimensions of 5218 mm x 1998 mm x 1800 mm and a curb weight of 2520 kg, the 5-door L9 maintains a commanding yet sleek profile.
  • The cargo volume ranges from 332 L to 1191 L, while the fuel tank capacity is 65.0 L.
  • Power comes from a 1.5L turbocharged 4-cylinder L2E15M engine producing 154 Ps.
  • The L9 houses a 44.5 kWh ternary lithium battery pack.
  • Inside, three 15.7-inch 3K OLED ultra-clear screens enable multi-display interactivity.
  • Nappa leather and 3D comfort foam seats offer heating, ventilation, and electric adjustment.

3. Features of 2023 Li Auto L9

1) Exterior Design

The L9 retains the ONE’s design with a closed front face and split headlights, creating a futuristic look. The LED strip runs across the top, while the high and low beams are hidden on the sides. The protrusion on the roof houses the laser radar.

2) Powertrain

The L9 uses an extended-range powertrain with a 1.5L turbo 4-cylinder range extender. Dual motors generate a total of 330kW power and 620 Nm torque. The front motor produces 130kW, the rear 200kW. 0-100km/h takes 5.3s. The 44.5 kWh battery provides 215km of pure electric range on the CLTC cycle.

3) Driving Modes

The L9 offers pure electric, gasoline, and hybrid modes. Pure electric prioritizes battery power for silent, responsive acceleration. The gas engine seamlessly provides extended range when needed without compromising comfort.

4) Suspension

The L9 has double wishbone front and multi-link rear suspension with CDC continuous damping control and air springs. The 80mm adjustable ride height delivers a balanced, controlled ride. Handling is agile yet comfortable over bumps.

5) Driver Assistance

The L9 is equipped with 6 8MP cameras, 5 2MP cameras, 1 millimeter wave radar, 12 ultrasonic radars and 1 laser radar. The dual Nvidia Orin-X chips deliver 508 TOPS of computing power for advanced automation.

6) Luxurious Interior

All six seats are wrapped in Nappa leather and power adjustable. Front seats add heating, ventilation, and massage functions. The rear “boss seat” features a powered leg rest and tray table.

7) Audio System

With 21 speakers, up to 2160W amplification, and a 7.3.4 surround sound layout with 3 subwoofers, the L9 provides an incredibly immersive listening experience, rare for its class.

4. How to buy a Li Auto L7?

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