2024 XPENG G9 Specs, Price
2024 XPENG G9 Specs, Price

2024 XPENG G9 Specs, Price

The 2024 XPENG G9 Sets New Standard for Smart EVs with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems.

Chinese smart electric vehicle maker XPENG Motors has seen tremendous demand for its newly launched 2024 G9 SUV. XPENG announced that it has received over 15,000 orders for the G9 in just 15 days since its release. Notably, over 80% of orders are for the higher-end Max version, which comes equipped with XPENG’s advanced XNGP driver assistance system.

1. 2024 XPENG G9 Price

The new G9 is offered in 5 variants priced from $38,500 to $52,500 USD. Compared to the previous model, the new G9 is reduced in price by up to $8,800 USD. XPENG has removed the less practical 5D interactive cockpit but retained features like electric doors, ventilated front seats, and LED vanity mirrors.

2. 2024 XPENG G9 Max Version

The Max version with XNGP driver assistance saw over 80% of orders, indicating strong consumer appetite for smart driving capabilities. For every 5 G9 ordered, 4 included the XNGP system, poised to rival Tesla’s FSD and Li Auto’s LiAD systems. The G9 Max is equipped with 2 lidars, 5 millimeter wave radars, 12 ultrasonic sensors, and 12 cameras. It also features dual NVIDIA Orin-X chips delivering 508 TOPS of computing power to run the XNGP system.

3. 2024 XPENG G9 Specification

  • Notably, the new G9 can operate its advanced driver assistance system nationwide without relying on high-definition maps. In cities, it can automatically follow vehicles in traffic, stop at traffic lights, change lanes to overtake, make turns and u-turns, avoid obstacles, and yield to pedestrians.
  • The G9 is offered in rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive dual motor versions. The RWD has a 230kW motor with 430Nm torque. The AWD combines a 175kW/287Nm front motor and 230kW/430Nm rear motor. Range options are 570km, 702km, and 650km. All models come with towing capacity and can charge from 10% to 80% in just 20 minutes. An adaptive air suspension system from Vibracoustic is also available.
  • With its compelling combination of smart driving features, performance, range, and pricing, the new 2024 XPENG G9 sets a high bar for advanced electric vehicles in China’s booming EV market. The strong initial order response indicates XPENG has a winning formula to compete with Tesla, Li Auto, and other players in the premium EV segment.

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I live in the USA 🇺🇸
How can I purchase an Xpeng G9?!


I live in Germany,how can I buy the xpeng9 full option?
what will be the price.


I send you E-mail, Peter.


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