2024 Zeekr 007 Price, Specs, Features and more
2024 Zeekr 007 Price, Specs, Features and more

2024 Zeekr 007 Price, Specs, Features and more

January 8, 2024

1. 2024 Zeekr 007 Price

There are 9 models of 2024 Zeekr 007:

  1. Zeekr 007 2024 Rear Drive Edition 75kWh: $29,320
  2. Zeekr 007 2024 Rear Drive Edition 100kWh: $33,510
  3. Zeekr 007 2024 Rear Drive Smart Driving Edition 75kWh: $32,116
  4. Zeekr 007 2024 Rear Drive Smart Driving Edition 100kWh: $36,307
  5. Zeekr 007 2024 4WD Edition 75kWh: $32,116
  6. Zeekr 007 2024 4WD Edition 100kWh: $36,307
  7. Zeekr 007 2024 4WD Smart Driving Edition 75kWh: $36,307
  8. Zeekr 007 2024 4WD Smart Driving Edition 100kWh: $39,100
  9. Zeekr 007 2024 4WD Performance Edition: $41,895

2. Specification of Zeekr 007

  • The Zeekr 007 2024 is Geely’s first luxury pure electric sedan – a 4-door, 5-seat three-box EV.
  • The RWD rear-wheel drive variant outputs 422Ps with 440Nm max torque and 310kW max power.
  • The AWD all-wheel drive version produces 646Ps, 710Nm max torque and 475kW maximum power.
  • RWD range spans 688-870km, AWD range from 616-770km based on battery capacity.
  • Phosphate iron lithium and ternary lithium battery options delivering exceptional range up to 870km.
  • 60kW V2V direct current fast charging supported across lineup for ultra flexibility.
  • Rapid charging interfaces equipped as standard.
  • Generously sized with dimensions of 4865x1900x1450mm, the cargo space reaches a massive 462 liters.
  • Single pedal driving mode available.

3. Features of Zeekr 007

1) Power and Performance

The 007 AWD performance version rockets from 0-100km/h in just 2.84 seconds. Exclusive “Kungfu Yellow” paint option, carbon fiber body kit, lightweight seats and active diffuser engagement over 70km/h makes this a track-ready luxury EV without compromise. Brembo brakes, 4 piston calipers, racing mode and intelligent adjustable seats come standard.

2) Handling and Ride Comfort

Available in RWD rear-wheel drive and AWD all-wheel drive powertrain options, the 310kW silicon carbide motor combines with double wishbone front and 5-link rear suspension with hydraulic bushings for the perfect balance of comfort and control. CCD electromagnetic adaptive damping actively optimizes shock absorber firmness across driving scenarios.

3) Battery and Range

Two battery options available – Zeekr’s own “Golden Brick” battery and CATL “Qilin” battery, delivering max range up to 870km. V2V direct current fast charging supported with 60kW max output across lineup.

4) Charging

15 minutes of rapid charging adds over 500km range on Golden Brick battery, 610km additional range on Qilin battery variant.

5) Body and Materials

Monocoque one-piece die-cast rear aluminum increases chassis rigidity to 43,500 N·m/deg. First implementation of new “Fine Crystal” aluminum alloy improves formability, consistency and durability – yield strength improved over 10% with 16% impact deformation reduction.

6) Exterior Design

Distinctive styling inside and out by acclaimed designer Stefan Seilaff establishes new visual language befitting a modern luxury EV.

7) Interior Luxury

Spacious interior cabin experience surpassing executive sedans, incorporating premium NAPPA leather seating. 14-way adjustable powered front seats plus powered adjustable rear seats. Ambient interior lighting provided by 90-inch LED light bar with over 1700 LEDs producing 10,000 nits brightness. 27 dynamic lighting themes and 11 facial expression modes set the mood.

8) Audio and Entertainment

1900W 20-speaker self-developed audio system enables 7.1.4-channel sound with Dolby Atmos support. 15.05-inch main central touch display with 2.5K OLED resolution, wireless Android Auto/Apple CarPlay and dedicated Bluetooth functionality.

Powered by an 8295 chipset delivering 30 TOPS for rapid response and multi-app support. Three-screen SR real-time rendering supported between main display, instrument cluster and AR HUD. Bright 12,000 nit AR HUD with 35.5-inch image size overlays navigation prompts, ADAS and more.

Runs proprietary ZEEKR OS 6.0 connected ecosystem and latest Zeekr “Galaxy Brain” ADAS for autonomous driving capabilities.

4. How to buy a New 2024 Zeekr 007?

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