BYD Unveils Fifth-Generation DM Technology
BYD Unveils Fifth-Generation DM Technology

BYD Unveils Fifth-Generation DM Technology

May 29, 2024

1. Globally Leading Plug-In Hybrid System

BYD has unveiled its fifth-generation DM hybrid technology on May 28, 2024, marking the dawn of a new era. The technology features an engine with a thermal efficiency of 46.06%, enabling the vehicle to achieve a fuel consumption of just 2.9 liters per 100 kilometers in charge-depleting mode and a combined range of 2100 kilometers. This breakthrough in the plug-in hybrid sector significantly reduces the frequency of charging and enhances the convenience of long-distance driving, making it highly attractive to consumers with high range demands.

2. Chinese Brands Leading the Plug-In Hybrid Era

As new energy vehicles become mainstream, BYD’s fifth-generation DM technology will accelerate the transition from gasoline to electric vehicles in the automotive market. In recent years, Chinese brands like Changan, SAIC, Chery, Geely, and Great Wall have launched their own plug-in hybrid technologies, with more than a hundred models now available. These brands lead the world in technological depth, application breadth, and the completeness of their industrial chains, breaking the dominance of Japanese hybrids and driving the global automotive industry’s green transformation.

3. Innovative Three Architectures

1) Electric-Dominant Power Architecture
The fifth-generation DM-i hybrid technology uses advanced battery and motor technology to provide powerful output and significantly reduced fuel consumption, saving costs for vehicle owners.
2) Industry’s First All-Climate Vehicle Thermal Management Architecture
This architecture includes thermal management for the front engine compartment, battery, and cabin, working in unison to save up to 10% energy in high-temperature environments and up to 8% in low temperatures. This improves energy efficiency and comfort while reducing exhaust emissions and air pollution.
3) Intelligent Electric Integrated Electronic and Electrical Architecture
The fifth-generation DM-i hybrid technology utilizes a smart management system to precisely control the battery and internal combustion engine, optimizing charging management, energy recovery, and power distribution. Its first plug-in hybrid power domain controller with seven-in-one and integrated chip technology enhances vehicle integration and performance, with a 146% increase in chip computing power.

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