Why do so many people choose Camry?
Why do so many people choose Camry?

Why do so many people choose Camry?

June 25, 2024

The Toyota Camry has done its job so well for so long that it’s become more than just a sedan, it’s an icon. Looking at the various upgrades and changes of the ninth-generation Camry, whether it is the richness of configurations, the level of intelligence or the improvement of luxury experience, Toyota is demonstrating its determination to forge ahead in domestic and foreign markets. This new car not only inherits Toyota’s consistent pragmatism genes, but also moves towards high-end luxury.

1.Appearance design

    The ninth-generation Camry continues the dual styling strategy of coexisting sport and luxury. The new model is more youthful and radical, and its luxurious quality has been greatly improved. The chassis based on the TNGA architecture has stronger controllability, the suspension roll stiffness has been optimized, and Lexus’ shock absorption technology has even been introduced, which has significantly improved the cornering limit, suspension support and vibration filtering performance, ensuring that driving Fun and ride comfort.

2.Engine, transmission and performance

    The Toyota Intelligent Electric Hybrid Dual Engine System equipped in the new Camry has achieved a leap forward in the field of intelligence. It not only surpasses the competitors in the first camp, but also enables the 2.5-liter model to achieve the goal through disruptive lightweight design and revolutionary loss reduction technology. An excellent result of accelerating from 100 kilometers to 100 kilometers within 8 seconds. The gold content of this system can be seen from this. It is far tougher and difficult to be surpassed than people imagine. At the same time, it maintains a fuel consumption of just over 4 liters per 100 kilometers, which truly reduces the car owner’s cost.

3.Interior, comfort and cargo

Toyota’s intelligent electric hybrid dual-engine system has won wide recognition around the world for its excellent reliability and stability, and the improvements in the interior of the ninth-generation Camry are equally eye-catching. The new interior design language is more youthful, and the luxurious atmosphere is significantly improved. The size of the central control screen has been increased to 12.3 inches, and it is equipped with a high-performance 8155 in-car chip for the first time. Its smooth operation is the best among Toyotas. The Camry’s large size provides comfortable space for passengers, there’s plenty of storage space inside, and the trunk offers plenty of cargo space. The rear seats fold down to accommodate really large items. In the hybrid model, Toyota moved the large battery from the trunk to under the back seat, so owners don’t have to sacrifice cargo capacity for extra mpg.

4.Infotainment and connectivity

    Toyota’s touchscreen infotainment system – called Entune 3.0 – is standard across the Camry range, with an enhanced version also available as an option. Entune has a ton of features, and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility are standard. In addition, it has in-depth cooperation with Huawei to develop a voice interaction system that supports continuous dialogue and dialect recognition, greatly improving the user experience. The car is equipped with a rich application ecosystem and OTA upgrade services to meet the diversified needs of in-vehicle interconnection. The innovative air-conditioning touch panel has a novel and unique design with a full sense of technology. At the same time, it is paired with 64-color music rhythm ambient lights to create an atmosphere unique to high-end cars. Enjoy luxury.

5. How to buy a Toyota Camry?

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